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Reputation is Important in IT

At CDSI, we’ve never been the type of company willing to rest on our laurels. It’s one thing for us to tell you what a meaningful change we can be for your business. It’s another thing to let our satisfied clients tell you themselves.

Just a few of the processes we've developed to help businesses include:


“These guys do a fantastic job providing support to Peoples Mortgage Company. It is always a pleasure working with them. Very courteous and helpful.”

Brendan Bracken-user
Brendan Bracken

Peoples Mortgage Company


“If your a small, mid, or large size company - and don't know these folks...get an appointment with them to take a look at their services. What do we ALL want from IT? Delivery. And this group KNOWS how to deliver!”

John Sutherland

Paramount Building Solutions


“The expertise from all the techs over at CDSI are amazing. They have always been able to solve my computer and printer errors and needs. So grateful for the whole CDSI team!”

Cyndy Wilson

Peoples Mortgage Company


“I have used CDSI many times in my professional life while working in the Mortgage business. Every time I reached out to them, no matter who responded to my call, I received the absolute best service. Never a disappointment. I recommend them highly for their technical skills and...”

unnamed (1)
Donald Albright